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AOPA's Online Pilot Information Forum/Community is no longer available.

AOPA Members can enjoy the services provided through our Pilot Information Center. Please see below for all the ways in which we can assist you

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Pilot Information Center

The foremost technical resources available to AOPA Members. The Pilot Information Center strives to maintain the highest standards of professionalism and technical expertise.

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Our skilled group of pilots, medical certification specialists, and flight instructors:



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The Pilot Information Center Staff is here to make your experience a truly great one. We answer questions about:

Pilot and aviation-related topics

  • Airports issues, airspace
  • Legislative updates
  • FAA regulations
  • Flight training, CFI questions

Aircraft ownership

  • Buying and selling process
  • Aircraft valuations
  • Flying clubs, co-ownership
  • Maintenance

Medical certification

  • The airman medical certification process
  • Allowed and disallowed medical conditions
  • Medical application guidance
  • Locations of medical examiners
  • BasicMed

International flights

  • Flight planning guidance for Canada, Bahamas, and Mexico, as well as Alaska
  • U.S. border crossing procedures (Customs)
  • Survival equipment recommendations and requirements