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Political Action Committee

We support those that fight for general aviation – and you can help us!

AOPA has been fighting to protect our uniquely American freedom to fly for over 80 years.

We’ve compiled a track record that's second to none, and we have a great advocacy team in Washington that no other aviation organization can match.

But we don’t do it alone. Not by a long shot. We get the job done because of those AOPA members who are willing to step out of the crowd, go beyond the requirements of regular membership, and take a leadership role in winning key advocacy battles.

Through member support for our AOPA Political Action Committee, we’ve established AOPA as a formidable voice in Washington, year after year. And that’s made an extraordinary difference in helping us advance matters that benefit every GA pilot in America today and for those to come.

Thanks to the support of our PAC donors:

  • We've been able to grow the Congressional GA Caucus to one of the largest caucuses with nearly 300 hundred Members of Congress – giving us a powerful forum to educate elected officials about key GA issues and build support for our cause.
  • We've built a dedicated corps of allies on Capitol Hill who have gone to bat for us when we need help inside the federal regulatory agencies – including the Department of Transportation, FAA, NTSB, DOD, FCC, TSA, and more.
  • We've been able to win game-changing legislative victories in Congress – like passing medical reform and defeating the airline-inspired takeover of ATC.
  • And thanks to our members, AOPA has been recognized, among thousands of groups, by being named a Top 50 Advocacy organization by the respected The Hill newspaper.
  • With the help of our generous AOPA members, we’ve built one of the nation’s most formidable Political Action Committees that help elect those that support General Aviation.

Nothing comes easy in Washington and Members of Congress have thousands of issues before them day after day, month after month, and year after year.

And while we have much more to do to help General Aviation remain vibrant and safe, your PAC donation will help ensure that the voices of AOPA members are heard and addressed in Congress.